Fund Clean Energy
Fuel the Future
Our vision is a world where energy is both clean and affordable. XiWATT aims to revolutionize the industry to make investing in and creating renewable energy accessible for all.
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What is XiWATT?
A scalable platform that connects energy developers, consumers, and investors. Leveraging blockchain technology to enable new levels of coordinated fundraising, co-ownership, and trading of renewable energy assets.
Breaking Down The Barriers
Connects energy developers with investors to quickly fund renewable energy projects
Opens up higher ROI opportunities for individuals to invest in renewable energy
Simplifies logistics and incentivizes competition in the renewable energy market
How XiWATT Works
Core Applications
Launch Green™
The mainstay of the XiWATT platform, it enables investors to easily fund renewable energy projects of any scale and receive tokenized energy assets in proportion to the amount invested.
Cloud Net Metering™
A patent-pending process that allows investors to pay their electricity bill with energy credits generated by their energy assets, no matter where they live or who their utility company is.
WATT Marketplace™
Renewable energy investments are no longer limited to the roof; the WATT Marketplace™ allows investors to buy or sell their tokenized energy assets through a secure digital exchange.

The Team
Hamza Choudhry
Co-Founder, Team Lead
Electrical Engineer with 7 years of experience in software and network protocol development. Specifically, developing the frameworks and specification for EtherNet/IP; the most widely adopted industrial protocol. His experience includes working with top 50+ industry leaders in automation.
Tony Zheng, CFA
Co-Founder, Strategy Lead
CFA charterholder with 7 years of management consulting and financial services industry experience advising top 20 global banks on strategy. Specializes in pricing and cost optimization, process design, and strategic planning for firm-wide initiatives.
Yasir Bilal
P.Eng, Co-Founder, Energy Lead
Electrical Engineer with 10+ years experience in delivering multi-million dollar energy and automation projects globally. Successfully managed the development of a 200MW wind farm with Kruger Energy while coordinating with Hydro One and IESO.
Jere Juustila
Legal Analyst
Elena LPris
Business Development
Zakarya Laalioui
Full Stack Developer
Mikhail Panov
Public Relations
Daniel Araya
CG Blockchain
Government consultant with a doctorate from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a special interest in technological innovation, public policy, and learning. Sharing Cities Policy Fellow and a regular contributor to various media outlets including Futurism, The Brookings Institution, and Singularity Hub. His newest books include: Augmented Intelligence (2018) and Smart Cities as Democratic Ecologies (2015).
Stephen Birdsong
Baroda Ventures
Stephen has a decade of experience at Rohde & Schwarz as the Global Product Manager for the flagship product ‘CLIPSTER’, which made it possible to digitally distribute the film Avatar to global cinemas. He current works with Baroda Ventures, managing a fund focused on blockchain and decentralized applications. He is active in the blockchain community and working as an advisor to various blockchain startups.
Sulman Choudhry
Senior Engineering Manager that leads the team responsible for their fast growing sharing products, including IG stories. He has 10+ years of development experience with Facebook, Uber, Apple and Blackberry, and holds multiple patents in audio/video streaming technology. As a founding member of Uber Eats, he scaled the program to become a multi-billion dollar business, growing faster than Uber itself.
Alexander Khoriaty &
Alexander is a Co-Founder of Sourcerers and Project Manager at district0x, an Ethereum based startup. He studied physics at the University of Michigan before working in Quality Assurance and Payment Operations at Coinbase, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange.
Platform Preview
Coming Soon
Get early access to the preview, email us at
Q1 2019
Private/pre-sale and preview of the
XiCE platform.
Q2 2019
Release of the XiCE platform - Alpha build.
Token Generation Event is held.
Deployment of the of the XiCE platform with Launch Green, WATT Exchange, and Cloud Net Metering applications baked in.
Q3 2019
Pilot Sectors will be launched on the XiWATT Platform.
Q4 2019
First utility bill will be paid through the “Cloud Net MeteringTM” application.
Q1 2020
Version two release of the XiWATT Platform with multiple Sectors listed.